Why Niche Markets Are The Most Welcoming

Some small business owners will tell you in private that all they want to do is to be doing good and live a nice life. They want to be their own boss, work and live in their own hours and if they can make a decent profit from running their own business, then so be it. They want to live a quiet life and just keep their way living standard the way it is. The opposite end of this nonchalant spectrum are hungry, fire-breathing go-getters that want to take over their industry. They may be small but that is only short-lived in their own minds. If you are the former then you will run into a heady storm in the largest industries. The latter will thrive anywhere because they just have that heart of champion attitude. So what if you are the former in nature, such as being more introverted and casual in your personality, but you also want to make a thriving business? Where could you go to do this? Well, the niche markets are always going to be the easiest to be welcomed into and it’s simply because there’s less competition.





Solutions and inventions


Niche markets are very unique idea-based. They’re not a normal business style that can fit into the world and inherently make sense. Niche ideas have to be unique otherwise your business wouldn’t be niche. It means that you have to look for problems, and offer solutions. This is why inventors are so revered throughout history because they came up with an idea, out of the clear blue sky, to solve a problem or to offer a solution. Niche markets have trends which are strange because the whole idea of a unique idea is that there is only one of them. However, when a problem is identified by one company, other companies start to provide their own solution for that problem. Therefore you have trends of problem-solving in industries and lots of new inventions. Most fall by the wayside but some like the personal locator beacon have stayed alive.



A workable business model


A product can provide a solution, but a service can provide a new way of thinking and living. A trend that looks like it’s more than just a trend and is also here to stay is healthy eating. Vegan, gluten-free diets, no-carb diets, and organic eating diets have taken off and for the past decade, haven’t shown signs of dissipating any time soon. A course in nutrition therapy is the type of education that you can take with you to a prosperous future. Whether you work for a restaurant or start your own business, this kind of hands-on healthy living and seeing for your own eyes what works and what doesn’t is exactly the kind of niche business market in food, that can be your domain. You have to go through the course to realize the importance of the knowledge of therapy through healthy food to see the amazing business opportunity.


Niche markets are calmer and a lot more welcoming to new business owners because they don’t seem like a threat to everybody else. You’re simply offering something new and off-center to customers who want a new solution to their ever-existing problem.


Running A Business Is Tough… But It Doesn’t Have To Be


Running a business is tough. You probably don’t need us to tell you that, assuming you stumbled onto this article because you do, in fact, run a business. Not only do you have to manage your workload, but you may have a team to manage as well, ensuring they are up to speed on the tasks they need to be getting on with. You also have your accounts to manage, customers to deal with, and your competition to watch out for. So, we are saying again, as if you needed reminding a second time, running a business is tough, but…


It doesn’t have to be. Well, not all of the time anyway. You can make life easier yourself by adopting some very simple practices. These include…


  1. Waking up earlier each day, rather than stumbling out of bed just before you are due to start work. As we mentioned in an earlier article here at thecareerintrovert.com, waking up earlier can transform your professional life. With a clearer head when you arrive at work, you can benefit from the time you had before beginning your day. You have the time to eat something healthy, exercise a little, and have the opportunity to get your head into something approaching work mode before facing the day’s challenges.


  1. Using a system to simplify your day. There are many software tools and apps available that can take some of the stress away from your busy schedule. Consider apps such as Quickbooks to manage your accounts, or Slack to help you communicate with others. Consider the management software provided by Sertica.com as another example, an effective way to centralise every aspect of your operation. By using these tools, you are bringing some semblance of order to your business day, simplifying tasks and freeing up your time.


  1. Saying ‘no’ once in a while. Yes, you want to make money in business, but saying ‘yes’ to every project that comes your way is going to burn you out. Furthermore, you may not have time to finish every project to the quality your client expects. Do yourself a favour then, and only take on work you have the time for. If you’re afraid you might lose a client as a result, it’s still safer to be honest about your availability, rather than rushing something out that might affect your reputation.


  1. Seeking help when needed. So, you’re not superhuman – that is something we all have to deal with – so there are times when help should be called upon. If you have a staff team at your disposal, delegate to them, rather than taking on every task yourself. If you haven’t hired anybody, or they are already laden with work, then outsource to somebody else. There are some useful tips at lilachbullock.com as to why, what, and when you should outsource. In short: don’t run your business alone, as you will exhaust yourself.


  1. Taking a break occasionally. If you are always working, you are going to burn yourself out. So, while taking a break may seem counterproductive, you are actually doing yourself a favour. By taking a holiday, a day off, or even more breaks during the day, you will be in a better position to manage the tasks you have ahead of you, due to the rest you have provided both your mind and body. As we said, you’re not superhuman – remember even Supergirl took time off occasionally – and she’s only a fictional character!


So, we say it for the third and final time. Running a business is tough, but it doesn’t need to be. Follow our tips, and you will make life easier for yourself. We promise!


Blunders You Didn’t Know You Were Making Within Your Home Business

There’s something really empowering about being able to work from the comfort of your own home. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re able to schedule your job around other aspects of your life like children and friends, or maybe it’s because you don’t have to even get dressed to go to work. With so many benefits of working from home, it’s easy to let mistakes that you’re making slip past without even realising it. Take a look at these blunders you didn’t know you were making within your home business so that you can become more productive and achieve your goals for your business.



Not setting yourself working hours

While the beauty of working from home and for yourself involves being able to work when you want, it’s always a good idea to set up some sort of structure and schedule for working. Thinking to yourself that you’ll “work later on” is one of the worst mistakes that you could make for your business because you could in fact, be losing out on valuable hours that you could be putting into furthering your business. So, if you’ve got the children to tend to in the day time, set yourself a time in the evening to work so that you can live the best of both worlds.

Using your home address as your business address

Using your home address as your business address could lead to problems such as angry customers turning up at your door, or even spam letters and phone calls to your home address. So what’s the solution when your home address is your business address? Virtual office addresses. You can use capital for your registered office address, and in return you will no longer receive phone calls and letters, your home and business will be protected, and you will also have someone able to answer incoming calls to your business, meaning you no longer have to. Not only that, using a registered office address will make your business instantly seem more professional.

Working from wherever you like

It’s all too easy to grab your laptop and head outside during this glorious weather to work, or even to watch TV in bed and work from the comfort of your bedroom. However, it’s not doing your business any favours. With a dedicated space to work, you’re more likely to achieve more with your business because there’s nothing around to distract you. Not only that, having a space to work means that when you’re not working, you’re able to separate work life and home life. Give you and your business a chance by setting up an office somewhere in your home, and refraining from working anywhere else!

Not using time management tools

Finally, time management tools can really help a business accelerate. One thing that many home business owners do is spend too much time on certain tasks. While some tasks will be more important, it’s also just as crucial to delegate your time properly so that you can complete all of your tasks. Consider using time management tools to help you work more efficiently and also get the breaks you need!

Steps To Success: How To Take Your Business To The Next Level

If you own a business, no matter how big or small, you probably have designs on making it to the top. It’s not easy to succeed in business, but it is possible to build on a promising start and establish a budding brand in the marketplace if you make the right calls and you take the right steps. If you have a goal in mind, here are some tips to take on board.


Establish clear objectives

If you run a company, you probably have targets in mind. Use these targets to create a strategy, and make sure you’re clear on what you want. Where do you want to be in a year, 5 years’ or 10 years’ time? Once you know what objectives you have, you can concentrate on working out how you’re going to reach those goals. It’s important that you have a vision, but also that you share your aims with your team. If you have employees, it’s so important that you’re working towards the same end result and that you’re all singing from the same hymn sheet. Clarity can help to eliminate mistakes and increase efficiency and productivity.



Look into outsourcing

Running a business of any kind requires you to juggle a host of different tasks, and sometimes, it isn’t possible to do everything at the same time. Outsourcing enables you to focus on the core elements of your business while gaining access to skills in other areas. If you need help with the payroll or cleaning and general maintenance or you’d benefit from IT support, you may not want to hire members of staff on a permanent basis. Instead of adding to your payroll, you can outsource these areas of the business. Outsourcing enables you to work with individuals or external agencies to take advantage of skills and services without altering your staffing structure. If done properly, outsourcing can save you time and money, and improve the way your business works.



Streamline your marketing strategy

If you’ve made a solid start in the world of business, you’re probably hoping to build on your success, and continue to grow and expand the company. Marketing plays an important role in driving sales, generating an interest in the products and services you offer and informing consumers about why they should choose your business over others. It’s essential to have a strategy in place when it comes to marketing. There are myriad techniques, and not all of them will benefit your business. Your campaign should be relevant to your brand and your target market. Use platforms and methods that will appeal to the demographic, and monitor the progress of your strategy using analytic tools.


If you’re keen to take your business to the next level, it’s critical to establish goals and work out how you’re going to achieve them. Plan ahead, think about how outsourcing could benefit your business and streamline your marketing strategy to ensure you’re reaching out to the right people and showcasing your business in all its glory.

Entrepreneurial Ideas Anyone Can Try Out

If you want to start a business but don’t really know what kind of business you want to start, it’s best to stick to some of the safer options to begin with. Unless you’re really sure about what you want to do, it’s not wise to take big risks, and that applies to starting a business. You want to ensure that you have a decent chance of succeeding and making a profit early on. With that in mind, here are a few entrepreneurial ideas anyone can try out.



Instructing Others


If there’s a niche area that you understand well and know plenty about, you could instruct other people. Passing on knowledge that you have and other people want could be the basis for a very successful business idea. For example, if you’re a fitness expert, you could instruct other people on how to get fit. The same applies to things like yoga or even business management.


Home and Garden Maintenance


Maintaining your home and garden is probably something you already do in your spare time, so why not take it a step further by turning this experience and skills into a way to start a business. If you enjoy this maintenance work, sell it to other people and start a small handyman business. People always need these kinds of services, and maybe you can be the one to offer them.


Offer Tours in Your City


If you live in a city where lots of people like to come and visit, you should try to offer city tours to those visitors. It could be a good way for you to make some money as part of the local tourist industry, and you’ll be passing on your knowledge of your hometown to people who want to find out more about it. Head to Plant-Tours.com to find out about the equipment you’ll need to get started.


Planning Events


Organising events is one niche that is in more demand than ever before right now. From charity events to celebrations, there’s always something going on that has to be planned out by someone. Could that someone be you? If you enjoy putting things together and taking care of all those little details, this really could be the ideal career niche for you to explore.


Pet Care Services


Pets always need looking after, and owners are more busy than ever before so it definitely makes sense to start a business in this area if you’re an animal lover. Of course, there’s plenty of hard work that has to go into it, but if you’re prepared for all that, this could be the business niche for you. Just be prepared to do a lot of walking.


Starting a business is always tricky and you don’t want to take big risks if you don’t have to. That’s why these simple and straightforward entrepreneurial ideas should definitely be considered by you if you haven’t thought about them before. None of them require huge startup costs, which is a big bonus.

Want To Be A Leader? Give Yourself A Proper Emotional Grounding


For all of those ancient platitudes when it comes to business, from “the early bird gets the worm” to “fake it ‘til you make it”, these can prove to be quite intimidating to an introverted person who wants to scale the dizzying heights of success. When making your ascent up the career mountain, you are going to hit plateaus where conflict is rife, and you have to embody some leadership skills. This isn’t an easy thing, and for most of us who struggle with shyness, we don’t have those opportunities to practice being a leader. As a result, we get passed over for promotion, and we never truly show what we’re capable of. However, there are ways to see you through this difficult period…

Find Ways To Recharge Little And Often

Because what you’re doing is very stressful on your frame of mind, you need to embrace the opportunities to recharge yourself when you can. Because you might be shy or introverted, you have to push yourself to go for those opportunities that you wouldn’t have usually. Being in this high state of anxiety is exhausting, so make sure you block sufficient time before and after potentially stressful situations so you can reflect. Meditation is one of those things that can be productive but can take some time to get right. Instead, alone time is a good start.

Interact With Your Role Models

It’s likely that there are people who have had to push themselves much harder than yourself. These people are leaders in their fields, and if you find something about a role model that just speaks to you, maybe they were once introverted themselves? Reach out to them. Are there things they did to help them get over their own introverted tendencies? Maybe going on a course or even an improv class is something that will bring you out of your shell.

Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

It’s vital that you get out of your comfort zone as much as you can. It’s a very simple reason, because once you’ve achieved these seemingly impossible tasks in an emotional sense, you are able to adapt to change much easier, and it becomes a hardwired habit. On the article Business Strategies of Successful EMHA’s, the key skills of a graduate in health administration include adaptability and focus, not to mention attention to detail and leadership. These are vital skills every leader should have, but they aren’t achievable until you tell yourself that the target needs to keep moving. Being restless is part of what a leader is all about.

Set Yourself Targets

You’ll never progress unless you set yourself small goals. By setting yourself small targets that are achievable, you can feel that sense of achievement, but also you are progressing in the right direction. You have made the decision that you want to be a leader, but to truly embrace the characteristics of a leader, you need to set the bar low, then a little bit higher each time.

It’s a long journey, but if you think you haven’t got what it takes, you need to follow these practices to give you the grounding to progress up the career mountain.

Stop Outsourcing, Start Saving: The Tasks You Could Be Doing Yourself

Running a small business is tough. Whether you make money from a blog, run an ecommerce store, have an offline business like a café or shop or run an office-based business, there’s a lot to think about. In the beginning, money is often an issue. Many small businesses fail within the first two years, often because profits are slow to come and many of these businesses struggle to make any at all.


If you’ve got loads of money to throw at your business, then that’s fine. If you can afford to take your time and build up slowly, great. Don’t worry about it. For most of us, however, this isn’t the case. We need to earn a living, and if you’ve given up a job to run a business, even with investments and backing, you’ll need to make money from the get-go.


Outsourcing work is a tricky thing. On the one hand, outsourcing can be a great idea. You can’t necessarily afford to hire staff, and you certainly won’t have in-house HR, marketing or finance teams backing you up. So, outsourcing work to freelancers and contractors gives you a chance to get a professional job done, while only paying someone for the time that you need them. It also gives you a way to easily cut costs if you are spending too much, without having to let anyone go. But, on the other hand, hiring is always expensive. Sure, they might do a good job, but can you really afford it?


In many cases when you are starting out, you’ll become a bit of a Jack of all trades. To avoid spending more than you need to, you might decide to do as much as you can yourself. You might instead invest in an NEC online or other courses that help to develop your own skills. Skills that won’t just be useful today but will help you for many years to come.


Taking on a lot of the work yourself instead of outsourcing it to other firms or contractors does mean putting a lot more on your shoulders. But, it also means saving a small fortune, developing your own skills and learning how to do things that will always be useful. Here are some of the things that you could stop outsourcing and start tackling yourself.





Marketing is an area of the business world that’s undergone a massive change in the last few years. There’s much less emphasis on television adverts and other offline marketing techniques. They are certainly still useful and worth exploring if you’ve got the knowledge and budget. But, you can get a long way on the internet with a minimal budget.


Work with social media advertising, building pages and profiles and attracting a broad audience that is willing to share your work and adverts. Spend time finding bloggers and other influencers who are willing to review or advertise your products or services and consider doing more online.




Hiring an accountant is something that many small businesses do without thinking. Surely, money and accounts are too important not to? But, while your business is small, and making and spending relatively small amounts of money, you can absolutely do it yourself.


Take the time to set up business bank accounts and easy to use spreadsheets to help you manage your income and expenses. Set up templates for invoicing and receipts and then use them. At the end of every day or week, take an hour or so to look after your money. File your invoices and receipts, fill in your spreadsheets and give your accounts a little TLC. As long as you keep everything in order and in separate accounts filing your tax return and declaring your income is relatively simple, and you can always hire an accountant later on if you get stuck.


As your business starts to earn more, it’s a good idea to either hire someone to help or take a course to keep your own knowledge up to date.


Social Media Management


Social media is a much more significant part of business than it was just a few years ago and many smaller companies are reliant on it for traffic, both to their websites and brick and mortar premises if they have one. Social media gives you an easy, cheap and effective way to reach your audience. To pass on information, to communicate, to build relationships and to advertise your products and services. But, it can take up a lot of your time. It can start to feel like you have to be online constantly in order to do well and it’s certainly tempting to outsource to a VA or a social media manager.


But, it’s not necessary. Use schedulers and automation tools instead and take your time. Don’t let social media take over your life. But, give it a little attention every day until you can afford help.




Branding is crucial, and you need to get it right. So, don’t take it on yourself unless you have the skills to come up with something great. Spend some time playing with some designs and color schemes before deciding if you need help or not.


Of course, if you aren’t particularly good at some of these things, or you just can’t get your head around what needs to be done, you should still hire help. It could cost you money to do it badly. But, consider hiring a local student on work experience, or a part-time freelancer with low rates, instead of an expensive professional company.


It’s also always worth remembering that in these situations, you either pay with your time or your money. If you have got an accounting degree or some skills with marketing, then you might be able to do a good job in a reasonable amount of time. If you are completely lost, it could take you much longer. Much more time that you could have been using to make money and develop your business in other ways. Ask yourself if it’s worth paying with your time, or would you be better off paying with your money?



Four Ways To Self-Promote Even An Introvert Can Try

Although it’s proven time and again that introverts have a number of skills that make them great business people, when it comes to the self-promotion needed to get ahead, they can struggle. What’s needed are some strategic suggestions to show that is is possible to self-promote within your comfort zone.


There are ways to get your message across without bragging that are still impactful – learning at least a few of these and using them skilfully can have a massive impact on your career and your business. The best thing? Most of the actions you can take are straight forward and won’t make your spine tingle with embarrassment.


Pen an article to show your expertise


Dilemma – you want to demonstrate your hard-earned knowledge and show potential clients and employers that you’re an expert in your field. But you don’t want to shoehorn your expertise into every passing conversation. What can you do? By authoring an article, you get a chance to help others by sharing knowledge, while also showcasing your own experience and skill. So, start by crafting an article on a hot topic that clients often ask you about, or that has an angle on a current item of news. Then spread it far and wide – contribute to newsletters, submit it to local business magazines and see if there are any business blogs in your niche accepting guest posts. LinkedIn is also a great platform to share relevant articles to contacts and their wider networks. Join a few virtual groups focused on your industry and spread the word. Use the article to showcase your voice and your opinion. Highlight things that matter to you and show what problem you can solve. Once you’ve mastered the first time, you could brainstorm other topics and make it a regular thing. This may gain you quite a following, which is exactly how to become an asset to your company.


Practice Telling Your Story


Humans are creatures that love a good story – and if you make your personal native compelling enough, people will always want to hear it. The best tales are ones that are practised and polished, so that they become both refined and concise. Start by learning to articulate your why. Not what you do, but why you do it? What fires you up in the world? What sparks your passion? What one thing is your business or career going to change? Once you’ve distilled that essence, you have a story to tell. Take the chance to tell that story to business contacts and people you meet. You’ll be presenting them with something genuine, which will ‘sell’ what you do in a good light – and if it’s something you believe in, it won’t make you uncomfortable. Whether you realise it or not, you are constantly in sales mode when you meet new contacts. So make it more comfortable by finding a way to speak from the heart about what it is you do.


Learn The Power of Thank You


‘Thank you’ is a more powerful word than we realise. It can change situations, win people over – and help an introvert promote themselves cleverly without being arrogant. Bring others with you by thanking them in reference to your own accomplishments. This will make you come across as gracious and make advocates of others. For example, acknowledging the support of your team, or a mentor. This has the double effect of making you humble while also highlighting something you’ve achieved – it’s literally a win-win situation.


Use Reciprocal Endorsement


You don’t have to sing your own praises if there’s another party willing to do it for you. Earn public endorsements by giving them out yourself. Create testimonials thanking those you have worked for a great job where appropriate. Providing endorsement for others is also a subtle way to shed light on your own achievements in a way that isn’t all about you, but allows you to highlight the complementary roles you’ve played with someone else. In return, others will be much more willing to endorse your own work – be that word of mouth referrals or on social media. A detailed case study showing a project that you’ve worked on with others can also be informative, while providing a platform for mutual praise.


These methods are great ones because none of them require you to stop being humble. There are ways and means that even an introvert can use to come top of the range at self-promotion


The Benefits Of A Co-Working Space


A co-working space is a place where you have more than one team working in a completely open and mutual space. It is often used for smaller businesses who don’t have room for separate offices, however, they are becoming more and more popular in larger companies too. If you are looking into rearranging your office this year, here are some reasons to consider a co-working space as part of your plan.


More Effective

Working in a space such as Grosvenor St Pauls can give you the opportunity to interact with other people in the business and this will often help you to work more effectively. By being able to feed off each other’s energy and immediately communicate with people in the office you will definitely be able to work more efficiently.

Avoiding Loneliness

A lot of the time working in an office can feel a little bit lonely and boring. You may end up feeling alone throughout the day if you work in a cubicle or an office of your own, and this can have an effect on your mental health and stress levels. Being in an open space allows you to speak to other people and everyone will feel like a team. You will always have someone there to help you with your problems and even just sitting in a room with other people can make you feel happier in the workplace.




One of the great things about working in an open space is that you will get the chance to talk to people who you have never talked to before. Working alone puts a barrier up between you and everyone else in the office, and therefore you can really make a difference by being able to talk to new people. You might even find some new work besties to get you through the week which is a huge bonus!



A co-working space makes things a lot easier because you don’t have to worry about renting the space for a specific number of years. This will mean that you don’t have to think about staying in one place for too long so it gives you much more flexibility. You can go for a short-term lease which will allow you to stay as long as you need to stay but will also allow you to move on if you find a space which better suits your needs.

Emotional Support

Working in a small space on your own is hard. Many people can end up feeling overwhelmed after a while and this will stop you from being able to thrive in the business. In order to start feeling more confident and happy, you will need some sort of emotional support from others, and a co-working space gives you the perfect opportunity to do this. Having an open space will put everyone on a level playing field and you will be able to gain a wonderful sense of support from everyone.

Easy Ways For Entrepreneurs To Get CEOnfident

When you picture a CEO, what do you see? A confident man or woman, probably middle aged, striding down a tastefully appointed corridor wearing an expensive designer suit? Do you imagine them flanked with employees chattering and clamoring for their attention, thrusting pens into their hands and begging for signatures. Do you see them dismissing them with a smile and a small gesture of the hand before getting in the back of a chauffeur driven Bentley? This is a fairly common mental image, but the truth is that CEOs are just like you. They’re people who had a good idea and were able to raise the funds and manage their operations to build that idea into a working (and eventually thriving) enterprise. You may look at high powered titans of industry like Richard Branson, Mary T Barra or Indra Nooyi and think that you will never achieve that level of confidence, self assurance and success. But you may not realize that you’re much closer to success than you think. You’ve already done the hard part… Having a great idea.



Having faith in yourself and your business can be difficult to sustain especially in an era where competition seems to proliferate and customers seem more fickle than ever. But belief in yourself and your business is essential in entrepreneurship, and it’s easier to come by when you follow these tips to get CEOnfident…


Surround yourself by people who bring out the best in you


As imaginative, creative, intelligent and visionary as you are, you know that you can’t face the rigors of 21st century business on your own. You need to build a team of people who will bring out the best in you by creating the right workplace culture. A culture that invites collaboration and in which no idea, however “blue sky” in nature is dismissed or derided. A culture in which people are respected, rewarded and appreciated. While you lead by example in creating this, your team will go a long way in perpetuating it, so it’s essential to surround yourself with the right people.


Lean on those who will fill in your blind spots


There are things which you’re really, really good at. And then there are some things you’re not. Many entrepreneurs stumble and find their sense of self worth in tatters when they try to be all things to all people. Outsourcing to people whose expertise can help your business is one of the surest ways to success and self affirmation. Let the experts handle the marketing, Web Design and SEO and focus on what you’re great at. You’ll not only leave work every day feeling better about yourself and your skills, you’ll be a whole lot more productive, too.


Package yourself for success


There’s a reason why Batman doesn’t fight crime in a pink tutu. We are at our most confident when we are well dressed and groomed we find the power from within when we feel powerful on the outside. As tempting as it may be some time to turn up for work in a t shirt and sweatpants you won’t feel formidable or confident. That’s why it’s essential to package yourself for success.


When you’re CEOnfident, success will surely follow.


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